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Jun. 10th, 2011


Top 20 US players registered for qualification, with likelihood of attending

 plus Jason Katz-Brown.


May. 31st, 2011


Food list

 Here's what I ate this weekend:

Sticky Rice:
Northern Thai Sausage
Som Tum (Papaya Salad)
Gang Hung Lay (Pork Curry)

Tre Kronor:
Vanilla Hazelnut Danish
Salmon and Dill Quiche

Char Salami + Fries
Char Polish, Char Dog

Stuffed Sausage
Stuffed Spinach
New York Bagel + Bialy:
Garlic Bagel + Chive Cream Cheese
Kabul House:
Tomato-Lentil Soup
Aushak (Leek dumplings w/ meat sauce)
Village Creamery:
Halo Halo Shaved Ice
And drank:
Three Floyds Gumballhead
Allagash White
Goose Island Matilda
Special thankyou# to Kelly, Pete and my sister for indulging me.


Jan. 31st, 2011


Something that could make the WSC in Poland way more appealing

 A major tournament in London the weekend before.

Dec. 17th, 2010


Sure, I can participate in this meme

Top 10 not played:

Adam Logan
Orry Swift
Carl Johnson
James Leong
Nick Meyer
Eric Tran
Jesse Day
Joe Dackman
Ben Withers
Mike Frentz

Top 10 I have a winning record against:

Brian Cappelletto (1-0)
Joel Sherman (3-1)
Dave Wiegand (1-0-2)
Ron Tiekert (1-0)
Ian Weinstein (1-0)
Winter (11-2-1) (and yes, being Winter's daddy is very satisfying)
Sammy Okosagah (1-0)
Joel Wapnick (1-0)
Chris Cree (3-1)
Paul Epstein (17-8)

Sep. 20th, 2010



 I've decided that after next year's WSC, I'm going to take a (probably long) hiatus from Scrabble. It's not that I've lost my passion for the game, I just know I need to step away from it to take care of more important things. Er, you know, after I play some more tournaments. I can't stand the thought of turning 30 and having no direction for my life (And yes, this is the glacial pace at which change comes to my life).

But for now, I'm looking forward to a kick-ass year of Scrabble. Here's what I'm hoping to play:

December: Cleveland
February: February Fury
March: Can-Am (assuming my 1974 peak counts)
April: BAT Premier
May: Arden Cup
July: Michigan vs Ohio
August: Nationals
November (?): Worlds

Not a lot of weak fields to beat up on there :)  OK, there will probably be a NE Ohio tourney in there too. Should be interesting.

Mar. 22nd, 2010



Registration for the NSC and WPC are now open.  So... which are you planning to attend?  I doubt I can do both, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to play the WPC.  It's not really a Collins vs TWL issue for me; the WPC comes closer to my ideal of a Scrabble championship, with everyone in the room working toward a common goal and most (if not all?) of the prize money going toward the top players.  I expect that the competition level will be similar, and I'm not a real contender to win the national championship, so the WPC makes sense for me.  The only problem is that it's hard to tell who will show up for the WPC.  I know that many people were disappointed by the announcement that the tournament would be held in Dallas after the NSC, and I'm pretty sure that the 100-player tournament that would result in a $10,000 prize is a pipe dream.  So... who's going to the WPC?  Or if you just want to call me an elitist pig, that's okay too.  I've been called worse things.

Feb. 3rd, 2010


Bad music, professional division

Jan. 20th, 2010


muzak, hector style

My five favorite songs from the last decade: "Cattle and the Creeping Things" by the Hold Steady; "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem; "Famous in a Small Town" by Miranda Lambert; "New Routine" by Fountains of Wayne; "Iron Woman" by Devin Davis.

Youtube "videos" under the cut...Collapse )

Jan. 4th, 2010


Albany final

I've been a little bummed out by the negativity of the Albany posts, so I just want to say that I had a great time (OK, I did a bit of sulking on Thursday night, but it passed)!  24 awesome games of Scrabble, most against awesome people, well-run, deserving winners, great trivia night with etheridge2 (I think we would have won with just one more player, though).  It was definitely the most intense tournament I've been to, in a good sense--just what I was looking for.  I made a lot of (uncharacteristic, I think) word knowledge mistakes that I hope I'll be able to straighten out when I get back into OWL study.  It would have been nice to steal some of the easterners' lunch money, but 13-11 and a handful of ratings points is OK for now.

#14 vs scrabblek8 : W, 564-324: Tight game, until I bingo on my last four turns, including a massive natural HEXOSAN.  Sorry, Kate.
#15 vs Bruce Adams: L, 298-383: Early on, I let him play JARLIKE*!  Aargh!  He completely shut down the board with parallel plays after that.
#16 vs Kenji: W, 526-409:  I draw well and bingo early and often (CARBINOL, SURFBOAT) on a wide-open board, then pick up the blank.

#17 vs vinylchances : L, 387-400: Back and forth game-- the Q is in the bag late and Evans is able to use it to play TRANQ to the TWS to outscore me.
#18 vs gijoel666 : L, 401-432:   Very fun game. Joel double-doubles early with OPAlINES.  I've been trying to cut down on the fevered writing of alphagrams on my scoresheet when I have blanks, but I must have spend 5 minutes on ACDINU?  After the game, ididjonassalk told me I had IRACUND.  Aargh!   Joel is incredulous when I finally lay down CUD.  Joel plays PAE(DO)LOGY*... and I hold and start feverishly writing down blank anagrams again, looking for a 3x3.  I finally challenge it off (Joel can't believe it's no good) and get a bingo down.  Late in the game, I bingo to take the lead, but he hits back with ZLOTE for 48.  My only hope is to hook ZLOTE with my S on my outplay... but of course it's no good.
#19 vs wisemonkey : L, 337-448:  This was far closer than the final score indicates.  The board is fairly closed, the score is tight but Cecilia is one turn ahead of me.  With seven in the bag, the Q and X are still in there.  She plays off two tiles to block an X spot.  I play off three to create an X spot and draw the Q.  She draws an unexpected bingo, AMIDOGE(N)... and in the process, creates a spot to play XI, the last two in the bag, for 60!  I have to eat the Q to block the spot... arrgh!
#20 vs spherulitic : W, 417-370:  A satisfying comeback.  Chris takes a big lead with ARMCHAIR, but I'm able to hit back with FLENSED and, just before he is able to shut down the board, PRONOTuM.  I've got scoring tiles, he has one-pointers, and he makes a nice unblockable setup at the end, but doesn't hit on his fish while I'm able to score.  His final rack is TEDIEST#.

#21 vs cheezchick : L, 435-450:  I lose a 100+ point lead in this one.  Maybe I should have been blocking instead of trying to outscore her... but I did have a perfect storm of bad luck at the end-- a SS? bingo followed by a natural PIPETTE followed by a 5-consonant, 1-vowel draw to give me a clunky pre-endgame rack.
#22 vs pbzeigler : W, 400-386:  Pete just can't catch a break against me.  This game turned into a slugfest at the end. He bingoed late with FERRITIn, I hit back with an X play; he hit the TWS, and I hit a multiple-overlap BORDEL that scored and gave me good endgame tempo to withstand his Z.
#23 vs scrabblek8 : W, 438-405:  Interesting unplayed-Q pre-endgame.  I draw it, but I've able to give myself multiple spots to play it...
#24 vs sr_orangepants : W, 448-372: Jason played the nice JAILBAIT, and I hit back with the triple-triple DEsTRIER and pretty much coast afterwards.  Yeah, sometimes Scrabble isn't fair...

And now year two of the Collins experiment begins.  I've got about a month to study for Phoenix-- I'm going to try to review both Collins-only and OWL words together for the first time.

Jan. 2nd, 2010


Albany day two

 I had a much, much better day of Scrabble yesterday.  4-3, but the three losses were all no-hopers, and the wins included three comebacks.  Opened with Winter-- he bagged me, but he was due for it, I guess.  I took a slim lead against Larry Sherman midgame, then turned the game into a Nigerian blockfest.  Bingoed out on Karl Higby with iNCLOSE(D), picked up the blank late against Wapnick and bingoed with a multi-overlap SERIATEd.  I clawed back against Rosin with four bingoes, including NABOBERY and the outbingo tZIGANE for 112.  Then my luck ran out and I got whomped by Will Anderson and Joey Mallick.  In the latter game, I tried two CSW bingoes, PLANURIA# and OURALIS#... I knew they were Collins, but I was desperate and didn't have any great options.  I don't think I'll try that again against Joey, who hasn't played SOWPODS for five years and might remember what he ate for dinner five years ago.  I came dangerously close to scoring 200 that game, and gave away most of my spread.  I'm still in pretty decent shape-- it seems like half the field is at 7-6 right now.  The UC-Florida game kind of ruined my evening, but on the plus side, I'm hundreds of miles away and don't have to hear about it.  11 games to go.  Also, are the people who flock to this tourney the same ones who whined about Dayton? LOL.

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